Take a look at what our students are saying about us:




"I am very grateful for the education I received at Western North Carolina School of Massage. Hope's dedication to her students being successful after they graduate from school is evident in her careful selection of teachers and curriculum that will serve them in this growing and changing industry. After graduation, she continued to support my success by answering questions that came up as I grew my business and helping me develop my website.  I graduated in 2015, and am now a successful business owner. In addition to WNC School of Massage preparing me to give professional, skilled, and compassionate massages to my clients, it also gave me a firm knowledge base in the many types of employment for massage therapists. This was crucial in choosing the best career path for myself. I am proud to be alumni and look forward to many more learning opportunities with the school in the form of continuing education classes." 

 - Nikki Terry, LMBT #14826 
















"If you want the best massage education, you have found the
right instructors! John and Hope have 20 years’ experience
between the both of them. This is the BEST education money
can buy, and the BEST decision you could make. John and Hope are excellent instructors and have your future as an
expert massage therapist in mind at all times, and they will
prepare you to succeed. All you have to do is be open, listen
and apply what is taught. You will have a rewarding future as
a massage therapist if you do!  As a massage therapist, I am
excited that I have a trustworthy and reliable educators to take
continuing education courses!"


Robin Moose, LMBT#11348
















"Western North Carolina School of Massage was the "new kid on the block" in a town that already had several well-established massage schools when I was looking into a place to learn massage and body work. After meeting and talking to the director, Hope DeVall Morgan, I was certain that this was the school for me and was willing to give them a chance. It wasn't long before I realized that I had made an excellent choice. Hope, and John, are great educators and give 100% to their students. They are also fun and caring individuals.  Because of their dedication I was able to earn my massage and body work certification before delivering my second child; something that would have been much harder for me to do once I had a newborn to care for. They are also dedicated to providing quality instruction which made it possible for me to pass my state licensing exam with flying colors a few months after delivering my daughter. 


The school is also a provider of excellent continuing education classes. I have taken three CE classes through them, two which were taught by Hope. During these classes, I have heard other participants comment on how lovely the school is and how much they are enjoying the class they are taking. I took one CE class, 'Stretching on the Table,' before even graduating and was able to answer many of the questions the instructor, Hope, asked during the lecture period. A lady was impressed with my knowledge and asked me where I attended school and I was proud to say that I was actually still attending school and was attending WNCSOM. She then exclaimed that she wished she had attended there!


The massage and bodywork industry is growing and if you are looking for a school to help you prepare to be part of the future of massage and bodywork, while having fun and getting to know some wonderful people, then Western North Carolina School of Massage is where you want to attend."


- Kelly Snyder, LMBT 14691

Equine Freedom Solutions

















"When I came to WNC School of Massage I was hoping for an organized and systematic approach to understanding the body and healing through touch - which is just what I got.  With the last few years of my life devoted to yoga teaching and learning, the education I got at WNC School of Massage was the perfect compliment to my existing skills and knowledge and exactly what I'd been hoping for."


-Tricia Bendik, LMBT, RYT200





I just wanted to say Thank You! You are an
inspiration and I could not have grown as much if it weren’t for you and your teaching. I feel my confidence, ability and strength expand each day I work. And after seeing how other therapists work I am even more grateful for my education."

-Kevin Pitcher LMBT #12065























"I am so grateful for the education I received. The curriculum covered everything I needed to feel confident about starting a new career in the
field of massage therapy. The instruction I received was
above and beyond what I expected. My instructor's passion
and love for the field of massage comes through
in the curriculum design as well as the methods of
instruction. Massage School was the beginning of a
wonderful transformation for me. Although I continue
to grow and expand my awareness I will be forever
grateful for the guidance I received. Thank
you, thank you, and thank you!"

—Tracie Latham LMBT #7498
Latham Therapeutic Massage