Neuromuscuar Therapy

100 hours

Neuromuscular therapy (NMT) is a comprehensive and advanced system of soft tissue manipulation that specializes in working with chronic muscle pain. On the basis of neurological laws, this therapy
works  toward  bringing  the  body’s  central  nervous  system  into homeostatic balance with the musculoskeletal system using various Swedish massage strokes, such as linear effleurage, deep friction, along  with  trigger  point  release  and  myofascial  release.  NMT techniques, along with a thorough structural evaluation, are needed to understand and treat the causative factors involved in acute and chronic  muscle  pain  and  dysfunction.  Specifically,  NMT  is  used to deactivate trigger points in muscles. It is also used to lengthen chronically shortened muscles and balance muscle groups, especially when working with people suffering from postural dysfunction. It
is used to treat chronic pain stemming from various injuries, such as those related to sports injuries (strains), car injuries (whiplash), repetitive  strain  injuries  (carpal  tunnel  syndrome),  accumulative trauma  injuries  (TMJ  dysfunction)   and  skeletal  problems  (disc herniation).  Being  trained  in  this  therapy  will  allow  a  massage therapist  to  specialize  in  working  with  chronic  muscle  pain  and take an active role in helping people overcome injuries and postural
dysfunction. –Jocelyn Granger