Anatomy and Physiology, Pathology
100 hours

This course explores the structure and function of the body’s major systems and how disease occurs in the body, common pathologies and the symptoms often exhibited by a person. Through one of the
most  recognized  textbooks  in  the  profession, Massage  Therapy Principles and Practices, students discover how the body operates and understand the benefits of massage on each system. Students learn to develop critical thinking skills in understanding when massage
in indicated or contraindicated for different pathologies that may be encountered in a massage practice. Presentation of the material is by lecture, discussion, audio-visual aides and various adult teaching strategies  to  ensure  comprehension  and  familiarity  with  medical terminology.  Through  the  use  of  visual  aids,  discussion  of  case studies  and  designing  a  treatment  protocol,  students  develop  the ability to make appropriate decisions regarding a client’s treatment needs.